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what to invest money

The first is the most popular and the most banal kind of investment of money – it’s banks. I do not consider it as a kind of investment because of the very small income. For me, the bank – it’s just storage for the money that is slightly better than keeping money ’under the pillow’ at home – the bank is more reliable and bring at least some penny. A popular form of investment. Usually, if you ask a man, ’what to invest,’ that the majority of real estate comes to mind. Many remember the first thing about the property because of the banal point of view, if there is free money, the fear of losing them, it is better to invest in the construction, and there they remain accurate. Many simply do not consider the house as an investment tool is to create money, and fit with the position to save money. But if the property is regarded as an investment tool, it is not so simple, requires knowledge, experience, long freezes the money and the yield is not always stable and high, and requires a large initial capital. If you invest the borrowed money, then you need a lot of experience, which is clearly not suited to everyone. what to invest money. You put money into a fund where they are professionally managed company. In my opinion, the tool is not very large yield, but basically stable. What matters is that the securities market (if you selected mutual fund securities are the most popular), there was no major fluctuations. If you look at statistics, after the crisis of 2008, mutual funds lost money back to investors somewhere only to the years 2011-12, ie if you invested before the crisis, the amount of embedded lossless (and, of course, with no income), you regained within 3-4 years. chisinau, Moldova, Republic of

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